Vision - mission

1. Vision
By pioneering aspiration and investment strategy - sustainable development, Sao Vang Group strives to become a strong financial group, is a bridge for individuals person, domestic and foreign enterprises in the development finance.

2. Mission

* For client:
Provide Products - Services with optimal quality, bring the satisfaction at the highest level to client; build business culture based on the motto "Take client to be priority"; Always put yourself into client position to evaluate and consider all matters; deserve to be trusted companion of all clients.
* For shareholders and partners:
Sao Vang Group always give prominence to the spirit of cooperation to develop together; cooperate, share and implement commitments with partners and shareholders; always increase the value of the attractive and sustainable investment.
* For employees:
Build a professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment; facilitate high-income and equitable development opportunities for all employees.
* For society:
Make harmony benefits of enterprise with benefits of society; positively contribute into the community-oriented activities, demonstrating the spirit of civic responsibility and pride in the nation.

3. Core Values
The core value of Sao Vang Group is presented in the 5 words - is the magnetic needle for all our actions:
"Charisma – Heart – Wisdom - Speed – Humanity
- Charisma: Sao Vang Group protects the word of “Charisma” such as protects our own honor; Always try our best to ensure the strict implementation of commitments to clients and partners.
- Heart: Sao Vang Group set the word of Heart to be the foundation; Always respect the Law, maintain morality; Solve relationships between leaders and employees in the harmony way with the "Heart" of the leader; In all the work, the Company always put the client in priority.
- Wisdom: Sao Vang Group is considered creative that is the vitality, a lever for development; Give prominence to the spirit of daring to think, daring to do; Look straight at reality, accept difficulties and find ways to overcome difficulties with firm belief; Never pleased, satisfied with the results achieved; continuously improve to develop; Learn new things, constantly innovate to success.
- Speed: Sao Vang Group set the credo such as "Speed, effect in every action"; Practice "Fast Decision – Fast investment – Fast deployment – Fast selling – Quick change and adaptation...";
- Humanity: Sao Vang Group builds the relationships with the humanities spirit; respect employees as the most valuable asset; Creates "Concord among the people" on the basis of fairness, integrity, and give prominence to the power of collective solidarity. Combining elements between era and traditional that is the character of Sao Vang Group.