About Sao Vang Group

Sao Vang Group is a conglomerate of 08 subsidiaries, operating in various fields, diversified profession such as: Finance, Education, Commerce, Services and Manufacturing, Entertainment ... in which, the position of strength is providing solutions and services in Finance. The subsidiaries of Sao Vang Group always ensures 03 elements; financial, human and outstanding products.
Experiencing the journey of formation and development, with the motto "Fast Information, Right Investment, Big Success" and having the the opinion of strong development and professionalism of the Board of Directors, Sao Vang Group has gradually asserted its position in domestic and foreign markets. With the desire to bring the best product - the best service to client, at any business field, Sao Vang Group has demonstrated a pioneering role, strived to meet the needs and created the trust of client.
With these achievements, Sao Vang Group has been appreciated as one of the strong private conglomerate, have a strategic vision and sustainable development, have the potential to rise in the regional and integrate in international market.


* In 2009-2011
- Sao Vang Group focuses on jewelry business and supplies jewelry in domestic market, while expanding operations of strategic information consulting and commodity trading in the country and the world.
- Besides that, successfully performing many contracts of supplying equipment for the maritime industry and the petroleum in the area of Vung Tau.

* In 2012
- Sao Vang Group Building has spacious facilities, modern office equipment that is located operated at the center of Vung Tau City; ensure that all the employees have the best working environment and convenient place for client come to do transaction.
- Sao Vang Group officially launched the product line that is branded Sao Vang with the symbol is SVJ, displayed at Sao Vang Jewelry Center and distributed wholesale to agents in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province.

* In 2013
- Sao Vang Investment Consultancy Joint Stock Company (a member of Sao Vang Group) and 02 individual shareholders successfully transferred Nhan Viet Investment Fund Management Joint Stock Company, and then renamed Sao Vang Investment Fund Management Joint Stock Company (Sao Vang Capital abbreviates as SAVACAP) under the supervision of the State Securities Commission of Viet Nam.
- Savacap has the function to raise capital, manage the investment funds in the domestic and international market. With the advent of Savacap, Sao Vang Group has provided a new choice to create value for the investment cash flow in accordance with the process of professional financial investment management.
- 2013 was also the year that Sao Vang Group is licensed the Business registration certificate of Vung Tau Entertainment Joint Stock Company by Planning and Investment of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province with the lines of business, such as: Activities of Sport Club; Short-stay services; holding introducing and promoting trade....

* In 2014

- In 01/2014: Sao Vang Investment Consultancy Joint Stock Company and 02 individual shareholders jointly contributed capital together to establish Learning for Life Education Joint Stock Company that specializes in the production of software, online learning.
- In 02/2014: Sao Vang Investment Consultancy Joint Stock Company and 03 individual shareholders established Hung Phuong Education Joint Stock Company that specializes in the production of software; online learning programs and severs system solution.
- In addition, in 2014, Sao Vang Group invested in projects for Education, Biotechnology, industrial crops, fields of film production...

* In 2015

- In 07/2015, Sao Vang Investment fund Management Joint Stock Company was founded in Cambodia, marking the turning point of Sao Vang Group of the investment in international market.
- Sao Vang has researched and produced several products to bring high efficiency for clients such as SVI, SVU.2025, SV2...About

* The achieved awards:

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