Sao Vang Group is the place where converges young employees is capable and qualified, passion in work, have full of enthusiasm and devote all they have to their duty. So, please take time to look through the recruitment process if you intend to colonize and develop with us.


Step 1: Recruitment

Candidates send Curriculum Vitae (CV) that includes personal information, the learning process, experience, goals, personal preferences; diplomas, certificates required by each position ... sent to the Personnel Organization – Administration Department of subsidiaries Company of Sao Vang Group under the guidance of the recruitment news.

Step 2: Reception and screening records

After the candidate submits the job application, recruitment information, we will gather and choose candidates who meet the requirements of recruitment position to do professional exams or attend an interview. These application are not match recruitment position, we will save for the later recruitment and after.

Step 3: Do professional exams
Candidates may do professional exams depending on the recruitment position.

Step 4: Interview
- This was the first meeting between the candidate and us. Through this interview, we would like to have additional information to assess the suitability of candidates for the recruitment position.
- Some key elements are usually considered by Sao Vang Group when we interview candidates include: The ability to communicate, ability to work (individually or in groups), the ability to organize work and make plan, investment possibilities thinking and problem solving.
- In addition, the interview also aims to re-verify some of the information in the applications: The process of learning, experience, skill...
- In the interview, the candidates can openly discuss with us relating issues.
- Depending on the candidate and the position, we may have more than 01 interviews. Selected candidates will receive notice within 10 days from the date of the interview.

Step 5: Contract agreement

The candidates are selected through the interview who will be scheduled a meeting to discuss on Labor Contract and related issues, including: contract type, job, salary, working time. The next things are performed according to the Labor Contract and the instructions of the Head of Department and Head of Organization – Administration Department of individual subsidiaries companies.

Step 6: Completed application
After receiving the matriculated notice, candidates need to prepare and submit the following documents to Sao Vang Group to complete the procedures for receiving new employees:
+ Original CVs
+ Birth certificate copy is notarized
+ Health certificate is stamped by the competent authorities that is not exceeding than 6 months
+ Copy of Identity card is notarized
+ Copy of the household registration or temporary residence is notarized
+ Certified copy of diploma is notarized
+ Copies of transcripts is notarized
+ Copy of the certificate is notarized (if have)
+ 02 photos 3x4, 02 photos 4x6