The efforts and desires to grow in Sao Vang Group of yours that is recognized and implemented by us through specific policies:

1. Training employee:
Sao Vang Group found that the human factor that take an important role to reach success. So, we are always interested in the issue of training for employee, create conditions for employees to participate in courses and training by Group, each subsidiaries company and related professions.



At Sao Vang Group, 100% of the new employees are trained staff to create initial orientation to get acquainted with the work and learn more about the core values ​​of Sao Vang Group.

In addition, Sao Vang Group also gives priority to train core employees to become managers, leaders, serve the needs of long-term development of Group.

2. The remuneration policy:

Sao Vang Group focuses on the remuneration policy, cares about the life of employee with the motto to create the employee life is "full facilities and spiritual richness".

* The remuneration policy of Sao Vang is built based on criteria:
- Correspond good results of the work, the contribution value of Sao Vang Group.
- Compete on the market.
- Encourage to increase results and quality of work.
- Fairness and explicitness.
* The remuneration system of Sao Vang Group is divided as follows:
- Salary:
    + Salary of production and business (12 months)
    + 13 month salary: is received on Lunar New Year
- Bonus:
    + According to business result and achievements of the project, work.
    + Bonus New Year, other holidays during the year ...
- Allowance: Lunch...
- Welfare: Insurance: Social; Medical; Unemployment; M-Pluscare Health insurance (Bao Viet Health Insurance) for Managers...

3. Health Care:
Sao Vang Group always cares in health care policy for employees to get the best condition, thereby the employees promote creativity, improve work in efficiency way:
- Health checks annually 01 times / year.
- Encourage employees to improve health by sport movement that are hold by Sao Vang Group, and local government.
- Annual vacation for employees and their relatives.