TPP opens the opportunities for VietNamese Business

Elimination of harassment situation, increased accountability of public administration agencies, increased association ... is the precondition for Vietnamese enterprises who can take advantage of Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP).

At the conference "TPP - Investment opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises" took place this weekend in Ho Chi Minh City, Ass Prof.,Dr. Pham Duy Nghia – Fulbright Teaching Program Lecturers Teaching Program analyses; now, Vietnam has four economic sectors but three-quarters of exports in the area of FDI. Meanwhile, Vietnamese enterprises cannot increase in scale, expand and difficult to develop.

According to Mr. Nghia, controlling the enterprises in Viet Nam does not develop that is institution, policy. The FTA actually is the new rules to set out in the new context. Therefore, TPP has no immediate effect if local enterprises and the State do not reform.

"Nobody serves banquet for others come to eat”. Now, if Vietnamese enterprises were "tied" within the "home pond", Vietnamese enterprises are difficult to take the advantage that is brought by TPP. Reform must start from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to "untie" for Vietnamese enterprises", Mr. Nghia recommend. At the present, there is the fact that the enterprises lose up to 70% of the time to deal with policy, if the enterprises do not create the relations with the government, it is difficult to do business. For other countries, the policy starts from the enterprises, because they create jobs for the society. Therefore, if the State does not have equality, Vietnamese enterprises are hard to grow up and develop.

To do so, the experts said that the State must eliminate the harassment situation, increased accountability of public administration, down proprietary trading to make an economy more market-oriented ...

Problems associated experts also raised at the workshop with a view that can help local businesses increase the possibility of developing more. Pham Ngoc Hung, Vice President HCM City Business Association, said garment from Vietnam 90% fiber is required, because businesses want to invest a spinning mill to a minimum loss of $ 100 million. This was too much for domestic investors, but foreign companies have invested $ 800 million to build a factory in Vietnam fibers, shows internal forces very weak now Vietnam.

Therefore, Mr. Hung poses the problem is internal to enterprises associated with foreign businesses to grow faster. He cited, there was a Vietnamese enterprise to use his relationship with a business associate of Hong Kong (China) to expand the textile factory, the first $ 120 million, so far has increased to 160 million USD Vietnam Huong Industrial Zone 2 (Pacific).

Lawyer. Nguyen Hoang Tranh also acknowledges, TPP is a "storm of opportunity" but many Vietnamese exporters still process, to put labor-intensive up for thin profit. Therefore, the greatest challenge of Vietnamese enterprises shall increase internal force, make international brand to make the client trust so Vietnamese enterprises will develop more.

He gives evidence, such as many Vietnamese enterprises only sell raw cashews to Australia now, but those cashew is added more flavor like salt, sugar ... and sale with the price is more 3-4 times.

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