7th Anniversary Of The Establishment Of Sao Vang Group

On 14/10/2015, at Maxim Restaurant, No. 36 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ward 7, Vung Tau City, Sao Vang Group has solemnly celebrated 7th Anniversary of the establishment of Sao Vang Investment Consultancy Joint Stock Company (14/10/2009 - 14/10/2015)- member company of Sao Vang Group. The ceremony has attention of Sao Vang Group’s leader, all the employees who are working in Sao Vang Investment Consultancy Joint Stock Company, all clients and guests of Company.

Mrs. Nga Huyen Thi Vu is at the ceremony

The past journey marked many difficulties and challenges, but with a sustainable business strategy of Sao Vang Group’s Leader, Sao Vang Investment Consultancy Joint Stock Company has always tried its best to bring the financial products have high profit value to the partners and clients. With the desire to bring Sao Vang’s product to clients in all provinces and cities of the country, Company has expanded the scale of operation in some big cities such as Hanoi, Nghe An, Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

At the ceremony, on behalf of Board of Director of Sao Vang Group, Mrs. Nga Huyen Thi Vu (Board Chairwoman of Sao Vang Fund Management JSC) send a deeply thanks to the clients who trusted to choose and use the product of Company during the past. Besides that, she also affirmed Sao Vang Investment Consultancy Joint Stock Company in particular and Sao Vang Group in general with the operation motto and right direction, Sao Vang Company would be become a strong Financial Group in Vietnamese market and international market.

The ceremony is an opportunity for the representative of Sao Vang Group’s Leader directly meets, interacts, and shares with clients on issues related to investment cooperation which is interested by clients. Ms. Huynh Thi Ngan Trang - General Director of Sao Vang Investment Consultancy Joint Stock Company has shared upcoming investment plans of Company expand overseas market with key products such as Jewelry; Education investment...

Again, she affirms the right direction of Sao Vang Group and expresses encouragement, solidarity to overcome the difficulties and challenges in the future of the entire leaders and employees, subsidiaries and member companies. And the important thing is promise and determination to bring tremendous value for investors, customers according to the motto, vision and mission of the Company.

To gratitude to clients who cared, supported the products – services of Sao Vang, Company has the meaningful gift to clients. Sao Vang Group hopes in the next journey, Company will continue to accompany with guests to have more successes.

The loyal customers receive gift of gratitude.

Recognize the efforts and dedication of employees, Sao Vang Group’s Leader has awarded to the employees who have outstanding achievements on the occasion of the 7th Birthday of Company.

The staff has the best achievement emulation on the occasion of 7th Birthday of Company.

The unique cultural repertoire is performed by employees of Company close the meaningful ceremony.

The ceremony took place successfully.