40th Anniversary of Establishment of Quy Nhon Port

Afternoon 19-1, Quy Nhon port (CQN) has solemnly held a 40th Anniversary of the port establishment (19-1-1976 to 19-1-2016).

2015, Quy Nhon Port established a new pinnacle of the quantity during the development of port with the commodity quantity reaches 7.6 million tons. Also in 2015, the first time, Quy Nhon Port reached over 100 billion Vietnamese Dong, increase 2.5 times compared to 2014; submitted to the state budget 44 billion Vietnamese Dong. The average income of employee of Port is 13.5 million Vietnemse Dong/person/month.

For many years, Quy Nhon Port always leads the all the seaports of the central area about productivity and efficiency, attract shipowners, shippers of area, in Viet Nam and outside of Viet Nam.

Deputy Minister Mr. Nguyen Van Cong hopes that in the future, Quy Nhon Port continues to invest into the cargo handling lines, modern; renew business method, performing the cooperation, connection, and joint ventures with enterprises, promoting administrative reform, creating new breakthroughs in improving the efficiency and competitiveness; become large-scale ports, credibility and effectiveness of the seaport system of Viet Nam and the Central Area.

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