Year ending conference 2015

In the morning of 05/02/2016, Sao Vang Group has organized the work of Year End Conference 2015 and performed plans, mission of Company in 2016. The conference has the attention of Ms.Huynh Thi Ngan Trang - General Director of Sao Vang Investment Consultancy Joint Stock Company - represented the Board of Directors, Ms. Dang Thi Quyen – President of Trade Unions of Sao Vang Investment Consultancy Joint Stock Company, Head of Departments and all the employees of Sao Vang Group.
Ms. Huynh Thi Ngan Trang talked about Final Report 2015 and perform Business plan 2016. She evaluated that in 2015, situation of production and business of the country is difficulties, directly impact on the efficiency of production and business of enterprises and incomes of employees. However, under the leadership of Board of Director of Sao Vang Group, along with effort, solidarity, dedication, initiative and creativity in implementing the work of all the employees of Sao Vang Group, business targets in 2015 was done excellent. Beside that, Sao Vang Group always care about the social welfare schemes to improve the quality of material life, the spirit of the employees. Through these meaningful and realistic activities, Board of Directors, Union Executive Committee of Sao Vang Group has created a "Sao Vang House" that is united, civilized, developed and is the second house of each employee.


At the conference, representatives of Sao Vang Group has announced the Merit Cerfiticate 2015 and awarded to 05 teams and 47 individuals achieve outstanding achievements in 2015.

Entertainment program at the conference which name is "Sao Vang Got Talent" with humane and excellent welcome spring repertoires which make the viewers to experience many different emotions, from exciting, thrilling to overwhelmed because of the monumental program and the viewer also is surprise and full admiration about the artistic talent, musical of their colleagues.